Almost everything in life is planned to some degree or other, but it’s often a “hit or miss” affair. Planning is an art form and not everyone is good at it! That’s where I come into the equation. Planning is what I do. After four decades in project planning, it’s in my bones! My talent is the ability to listen; to be your “sounding board”; to brainstorm with you if necessary; ultimately transforming your ideas into a digital format through an iterative process of progressive elaboration. With a structured project plan that we collaboratively develop together, you will have a road map figured out – something to follow and measure against.


Who hasn’t sat in front of a blank computer screen and experienced a momentary “writer’s block”? You have an idea what you want to create but getting started eludes you. You need both structure and a starting point! And you don’t need the distraction of worrying about document templates, layout, writing style, formatting, etc., either! You just want to get on with the interesting stuff. I can help. I’ll work with you to articulate your requirements, whatever they are, and craft the necessary material until you’re happy with the result. There is no shortcut to the creative process! We work through the iteration process together: reviewing, evolving, transforming. I do the leg work – you direct traffic!


Working together should be enjoyable and effective. That’s why this process is collaborative, not hands-off, and why I only charge you for work that’s been approved. The best way to move forward on this type of activity is to provide you with a low risk, pay-as-you-go service. This cost-effective, value-driven approach is flexible and allows you to stay in control. You only pay for what you get. Regular review points help us to stay on track and ensure expectations are being met. Regular review points also provide an easy, no fault, way to end the arrangement should the collaboration not be functioning as expected, or in the unlikely event that product quality does not meet your desired standards.